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Cannabis Product Development


The Vivid Team can help you bring your cannabis-infused product idea to life. We have decades of experience in the CPG food and beverage industry and will apply that expertise to grow your cannabis and hemp business.

regulatory and compliance for cannabis


We are dedicated to market and sensory research in order to fine-tune the features and benefits of your product. Our team of experts can also align your product packaging and messaging to reach your target audience.

cannabis commercialization


Getting your product out into the world is where the rubber meets the road and we can meet your needs from co-manufacturing to distribution. Our Colorado facility is fully equipped to bring your product to market.

What's Up In The Lab?

In our latest addition Jessica Cristadoro, the CEO of TVT and Alex Rodriguez, a Vivid Product Developer, set the stage for our next adventure in the Vivid Team’s lab. 

In this installment we tackle making Vegan Gummies. It’s a challenge making a gummie that not only tastes great – but has the right texture.

We hope you enjoy watching as much as we did making it!  

The Vivid Team

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Helping bring your Cannabis & Hemp infused ideas to life:

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Cannabis Extraction




Cannabis Beverage Manufacturing


food business consulting offers a wide range of food consulting services to clients in the food industry. Our highly talented team can take your project from concept to commercialization. We’ve gained a vast array of knowledge from decades of real world experience. Our mastery of food product development includes manufacturing, regulatory compliance, marketing, sales and distribution. We can help you anywhere along the path of development.