Product Development & Research

Product Development

The Vivid Team can handle your hemp and cannabis product from concept to commercialization. Our team includes food and beverage scientists, culinary chefs, food service operators, cultivators/growers, extraction experts, lab analysts, operations managers and most important regulatory and compliance experts. 

Product development is one piece of the bigger puzzle and starts with incubation and concepting of an idea. We build a formula during this initial time engineering the process, understanding the shelf life, mixing and matching ingredients for the perfect blend. 

The Vivid Team draws upon many years of successful experience in the food and beverage industries. Our facility is designed to FDA and CGMP standards and we have invested in state of the art laboratory equipment, test kitchen facilities and manufacturing equipment that are robust and will help you design, create and distribute the best cannabis-infused products.  We can handle the complete project management of your idea – starting with incubation and all the way to commercialization and distribution.

Cannabis Development
From Concept To Commercialization
Food product ideation

Research and Brand Development

An important factor in the development of your product is understanding the market, trends, consumer, and retail arena. We can help you with market and sensory research to gain insights specific to your category, product, and consumer. We can also help you design the best packaging that follows compliance and regulatory concerns related to hemp and cannabis products.

Supporting your vision drives our approach to every project. Experience in the complete product life cycle—acquired over long careers and diverse assignments—means your projects have our full attention.

The Vivid Team capabilities include:

Product Concepting & Development

  • Concepting & Incubation
  • Formulation
  • Process Enginneering
  • Shelf Life Optimation
  • Ingredient Functionality 
  • Ingredient Substitution
  • Life Extensions
  • Nutritional Analysis & Labeling

Research & Brand Development


  • Market Research
  • Sensory Research
  • Packaging Design & Development
  • Package Engineering
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing Direction
  • Website Development

Regulatory & Compliance


  • Regulatory, Label Development & Review
  • Development of Compliance Audit & Documentation
  • SOP’s, HACCP, OSHA, GMPs, FCC Compliance
  • Intellectual Property Development & Protection
  • Quality Assurance, Certification



  • Cultivation
  • Project Management
  • Scale-up & Commercialization
  • Cost & Price Optimzation
  • Pipeline Management
  • Sourcing & Co Manufacturing
  • Selection of Equipment
  • Process Engineering, Support & Design
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Inventory Reconciliation & Audits
  • HR Support/Training

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