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The regulations and compliance for hemp and cannabis products are an ever-changing conundrum.  The Farm Bill of 2019 opened many doors for hemp but there are still questions.  Cannabis regulations vary state by state and this can be confusing. The Vivid Team can help you navigate the winding path of compliance. We can work with you for label development plus create a compliance audit with documentation. 

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We are masters of quality assurance (and certifications), standard operating procedures and best practices and can handle protocols for HACCP, OSHA, GMPs, and FCC Compliance. We are proponents of protecting intellectual property as that can be your biggest advantage in a highly competitive market. Confidentiality and the protection of your ideas and end product are extremely important and foundational to The Vivid Team. We keep our clients information, ideas, concepts and strategies protected with a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement. 

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