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Our goal is to help you be successful in the Cannabis industry. We are The Vivid Team and we will  work with you to launch your hemp and cannabis-infused consumable product ideas. Start to finish, concept to commercialization we can make it all happen – concentrates, edibles, beverages, topicals, skin care, supplements or tinctures, plus cultivation and extraction. When you partner with The Vivid Team we can help you with managing best practices and solving the technical and commercial challenges which are specific to the Industry.

Our team brings years of experience from the CPG food and beverage category with food scientists, subject matter experts,flavor chemists, experienced, culinary/restaurant chefs, operations managers, and most important regulatory and compliance experts. With expertise, education, global connections, and attention to detail, The Vivid Team is your champion and partner in the hemp and cannabis industry.

The Vivid Team
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Food, Beverage, Health And Wellness
Jessica Cristadoro

Jessica Cristadoro

President and CEO of The Vivid Team                           

Jessica is an experienced business executive and food scientist with a history of working in the cannabis, hemp, and food & beverage industries for more than 20 years. Jessica is well versed in intellectual property development and review, research and development, food science, regulatory, labeling, compliance, and due diligence. She graduated from Colorado State University-Global Campus with a degree in Business Management which allows her amazing creativity and scientific thought process to flourish in the hemp and cannabis category. She also brings her experience in the CPG food and beverage category from Food Business Consulting, Dawn Food Products, and Tyson Foods. Jessica’s biggest goal is to bring together the right experts to meet the business needs of you, our client, and your consumers.

Steffen Weck

Chief Operating Officer of The Vivid Team and President at Food Business Consulting, LLC

Steffen brings a collection of experience from CPG food and beverage (Food Business Consulting, Einstein Bros., and Sara Lee) to the hemp and cannabis industry. As the COO of Vivid and the President of FBC his level of skills and management are an amazing combination to help take your hemp and cannabis business to the next level. Steffen is a master of imagination and process beginning with product concept through commercialization allowing for a seamless partnership. Steffen has led the development and commercialization of numerous successful retail, foodservice, branded and private label product introductions for many of the top 50 food manufacturers in the US and internationally.

Daniel J. Shippley III (D.J.)

Sales and Marketing Manager for The Vivid Team                           

D.J. is a motivated entrepreneur from Denver Colorado, who obtained a double major from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship. Ever since graduating CMU in 2018 D.J. has been involved in the cannabis industry, helping bring multiple different brands to the cannabis market. Working from the bottom to the top of a sales team D.J. has been able to learn all the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. With a concentrate in business management and an eye for detail D.J. hopes to help bring more professionalism to the cannabis industry resulting in a smoother workflow. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, The Vivid Team is a perfect fit for D.J. offering a variety of new and innovative projects to work with. Being born and raised in the colorful Colorado Rockies D.J. enjoys spending time with his dog Maya in the great outdoors. 

Chris Blackwood

Chris Blackwood

Operations Manager for The Vivid Team and Private Consultant                         

Chris Blackwood is a native Texan and proud graduate of Texas A&M University. Chris graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Construction Science and has spent the last few years working as a Superintendent for one of the largest general contractors in Texas. In July of 2020, Chris made the decision to leave the general contracting world behind and become the Operations Manager for The Vivid Team in Denver, Colorado. With multiple commercial construction projects under his belt, Chris has acquired a plethora of skills in team building, project management, equipment safety, contracts, and construction operations. Bringing these skills to the table, along with extensive knowledge of commercial building methods, Chris aims to help the Cannabis industry take the next step in facility construction and management. With the Cannabis industry being so young, it is hard for owners and commercial builders to wrap their heads around the construction specifics that coincide with a Cannabis Facility. Chris will  help guide the Cannabis Industry by implementing more consistent and efficient drawings, submittals, equipment, layout design, security, and workflow. Aside from The Vivid Team Operations, Chris will also serve as the Construction Consultant on The Vivid Team. As The Vivid Team aims to consult other owners and builders in their own Cannabis business journeys, Chris will play a major role in assisting stakeholders directly with the design, planning, and buildout of their own facilities.

Emani James

Food Scientist and Project Manager for The Vivid Team                       

Emani moved to Colorado from Las Vegas NV in the Fall of 2013, to attend college at Johnson and Wales University. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Baking and pastry, building experience in Culinary, and Culinary Nutrition and Food Science. She is a triple threat with experience with Culinary & Baking, Food Nutrition, and Food Science. She has experience with working in both the bakery and kitchen at a ski resort and working as a private chef with a family with dietary needs. Also, she produced and revamped numerous products for Legendary Baking a confectionery manufacturing company. That landed her products in club stores, retail, fast food restaurants, and casual dining restaurants. She then decided to leave the corporate world to work with Steffen Weck and Jessica Cristadoro to use all of her unique experience and knowledge to round out the team and bring a fresh set of eyes to the development process of cannabis goods. She is able to use her experience to critically think about product development in a way that allows her to see a project with a different outlook than most people in the cannabis industry. Her ability to absorb information quickly, and think of her feet helps her to be innovative and cutting edge.


Noah Huffer

Regulatory for The Vivid Team and Private Consultant                       

Noah Huffer is a Colorado Native with a passion for nutrition and wellness. He has an undergraduate degree from Johnson and Wales University in Culinary Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics and is a candidate for a graduate degree in Nutrition and Human Performance from Logan University. Noah has previously worked for the University of Colorado Hospital as a Clinical Nutritionist. His passion for helping others brought him to The Vivid Team where he specializes in hemp and CBD product development and regulations. He provides nutrition analysis and develops label components compliant with the changing regulations in the hemp industry. In his free time, Noah enjoys spending time in the Rocky Mountains and hiking Colorado’s 14ers. 

Zoyanna Dawkins

Zoyanna Dawkins

Product Developer for The Vivid Team                       

Zoyanna Dawkins was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. In August 2017 she moved all the way to Denver, Colorado to attend Johnson & Wales University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Science. Being from Jamaica there were many stereotypes she had to fight against and also correct people on. One of the more common assumptions is that being from an island that was greatly associated with ganja (cannabis) meant she would have a wide array of knowledge and understanding of the substance but it wasn’t until she came to Denver that she began to learn about it. Currently, cannabis is still illegal in Jamaica but in recent years its medicinal properties have begun being researched and tested there, which lead to the beginning of her eyes being opened to this new world. Growing up with the cliche “food is medicine” she thought why not incorporate cannabis into foods too to make it even more medicinal. Through research, witnessing the sick get some relief, and being friends with people who also consume cannabis products she understood how vast the benefits of it went. With her growing knowledge of flavors, foods, and cannabis she hopes to bring a new perspective to the industry to provide not only tasty treats but also bring comfort to those who need them.

Kristine Carey

Kristine Carey

Marketing Director for The Vivid Team & Owner of Brand Guide                      

Kristine Carey is the marketing director for The Vivid Team and the founder of Brand Guide, advising companies on marketing communication strategy, tactics, and brand development. Kristine has executively led marketing communications programs with such brands as Space Food Sticks, Keef Brands, Betr CBD, Wedderspoon Organic, Healthy Skoop, and MyChelle Dermaceuticals. She is also the creator and advisor of Brandamentals Academy™ an eLearning workshop for startup and emerging brands with a focus on positioning brands for success with consistent and authentic messaging. She is a mission-driven strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit working with small startups and mid-sized brands.

Brent Carey

Web Development for The Vivid Team & Owner of C Dev Web Design                       

Brent is the web designer for The Vivid Team. His focus is anything web-related including website creation and maintenance, digital ad creation, maintaining FBC’s social media presence, blog writing, brochure creation and SEO. In addition Brent is also the owner of C Dev Web Design, a client-focused business model that balances client expectations with the realities of web design and development. He works with a variety of web platforms from Shopify to WordPress and creates tailored designed websites that are mobile-ready and SEO-friendly. Brent has the proven ability to design projects from concept to final delivery, ensuring that all work is prepared and delivered within budget and time frame. Enabling clients to achieve their business and website goals through forward-thinking design and strategy.

We help companies formulate, refine, commercialize and distribute THC & CBD infused products

  • Cultivation
  • Extraction
  • Flower
  • RSO Oil
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Crumble
  • Concentrates
  • Prerolls
  • Vapes
  • Syringes
  • Edibles
  • Confectionary
  • Bakery
  • Snack Foods
  • Beverages
  • Tinctures
  • Shots
  • Drink Mixes/Add-Ins
  • Canna Sugar
  • Canna Oil
  • Canna Butter
  • Topicals
  • Lotions
  • Patches
  • Supplements
  • Tablets

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