We are The Vivid Team

we are the vivid teamWe are The Vivid Team. Our company was created in January 2017. The sole intention of The Vivid Team is to bring product development and regulatory professionalism to the ever-expanding cannabis industry. A primary goal at the top of our list is to assist small to mid-sized businesses to climb over the mountainous hurdles and challenges that are present in the cannabis industry. Using our diverse knowledge and skill sets gained from more than three decades of practical real-world experience in the food development industry, we are now focused on how we can best help you avoid the many challenges of bringing your products to life.

The Vivid Team was founded in the cultural hub of the west, Denver Colorado. Here in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains a vibrant and emerging scene is thriving. Food, music and the arts are intermixing in new and exciting ways. The results of this cultural renaissance are all sorts of innovative products and expanding market forces. Colorado has now become a forerunner for both medical and adult-use cannabis product manufacturing in the United States. The Vivid Team is perfectly positioned in the middle of all of this. We are deeply involved in a wide range of cannabis and hemp related businesses and initiatives. 

The makeup of our internal team is as diverse as the market that it supports. We are a conglomerate of incredibly unique people, each bringing their own specialized expertise. The result of such a varied team translates to The Vivid Team having capabilities to assist you with product development, concept design, regulatory compliance, sourcing and manufacturing, commercialization and sales and marketing. And that is only a sampling of what we can help you with. If you’re looking for help bridging the gap in any facet of the product development and commercialization cycle, our team can assist you. Whether you have a product and need help getting it up and running or you have been in operation for a while and are now looking to level-up, our expertise will get you there. When you work with The Vivid Team, you not only get one on one consultation, but you also get a full team of industry professionals who are eager to take you and your company to the next level. 

The main goal of our blog, The Vivid Voice, is to keep our followers up to date on industry trends, exciting new product initiatives, behind the scenes product development practices and last but not least, our own personal adventures. Our blog posts will share some of the following with you:

  • The highs of new discoveries
  • Product and company launches
  • Finding reliable sourcing 
  • Staying abreast of industry regulations
  • Best practices for packaging
  • Fun stories involving The Vivid Team

Utilizing expert informational articles, step by step guides, cautionary tales, journal entries and videos, we’ll provide you with a better understanding of the thriving Colorado cannabis Make cannabis product realityindustry.

Not only does The Vivid Team work hard, but we also play hard. Don’t be surprised by the occasional whimsical post like rolling the best infused joints or how to prepare your own first Weedsgiving. The Vivid Voice will be your go-to for everything cannabis and hemp industry related as well as a safe source for cannabis related shenanigans. 

If you are interested in staying in the loop, we hope you’ll subscribe to The Vivid Voice. If there are any specific areas of the cannabis and hemp industries that you would like to learn more about, please leave a note in the comments section and we’ll be sure to talk about it in one of our upcoming posts. Welcome to The Vivid Voice and we hope you’ll enjoy the ride. 

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